Methods and Industrialization

The success of a manufacturing could be materialized only if the manufacturing file is technically and methodogically perfect.


Our team, with a great experience, elaborate manufacturing file following customer/products and skills' specificities.


The adequacy between a manufacturing fil and a rigorous manufacturing is essential

                                      for projects' success.

Assisted by an high-performance ERP, our Methods Department realize the following actions:

  • Process definition: Design for X
  • Technical management and nomenclature
  • Monitoring technical development for new process (ex : POP --> Package On Package)
  • Components qualification and validation
  • Customers and in-house file updating
  • Internal technical brainstorming or with customers





  • Optimization, machine programming
  • Manufacturing process qualification
  • Products qualification
  • Tools conception and reconception
  • Prototypes and head series following
  • Continuous improvement
  • Analysis and management for OCM (Operational Conditions Maintenance)